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Orgono living silica 1000 ml

$ 59.95

Weight: 1,1 kg


Orgono living silica 1000 ml

Orgono Living Silica is an organic dietary supplement specially formulated for optimal absorption and bioavailability. No other colloidal silica, silicic acid or plant extract based silica supplements in the marketplace provide higher bioavailability than.

$ 59.95

Weight: 1,1 kg

Set of 4 tubes of Silicium G5 Gel

Set of 4 tubes of Silicium G5 Gel 150ml

Set of 4 tubes of Silicium G5 Gel 150ml. Topical Silica for Healthy Joints and Skin. Use Silicium G5 Gel to regain an active lifestyle and minimize joint discomfort.

$ 89.85

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Silicium Wild Rose

Silicium Wild Rose 50ml

Rich lotion that provides concentrated nourishment for the skin, moisturises skin cells and improves the firmness of the face and neck.

$ 44.10

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From 4 units: 10% discount
Silicium G7 Aloe 1000ml

Silicium G7 Aloe 1000ml

Our new Silicium G7 Aloe combines the benefits of aloe vera bio and of organic silica in one preparation that helps to eliminate toxins effectively, cleanses the liver and improves the functioning of the digestive system.

$ 47.95

+ more

From 4 units: 10% discount


Mr. Philippe R, Dental surgeon
My children have been using your product for acne, and are delighted with it.
After 15 days taking G5, I have recovered 60% of the capacities typical of someone of my age.
Ms. M. M
I heard about G5 from friend and decided to try it. It was a total success after a few days of taking it orally (a soupspoon a day for a month).
Ms. P.B 82 years old, THENAC
After taking the G5, all my worries have disappeared. I can eat whatever I want and digest very well.
My legs and arms were very weak (I am 65 years old), and after taking G5, my legs are stronger than before.
I feel much better as far as my nervous system is concerned. This makes me feel more confident.
The result is fantastic, I do not feel tired, even although the pace of my work is as usual, travelling quite often during the last weeks. Likewise, I have overcome my sleeping problems. As an example: several days before treatment, going for a 5 km walk left me exhausted, having to suffer the consequences for three days. Over these few days, I have spent several hours per day visiting my clients in big cities without feeling tired. I have recovered the same capabilities I had before the hepatitis.
Dominic S.: Professional Soccer Player
I have played soccer since I was 5 years old. I played professional soccer in Malta, Australia, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Brazil, and most recently in Canada. I also teach kickboxing aerobics. I have knee injuries from overuse and tendonitis, but since I started taking the silica and using the gel, my pain has decreased greatly. When I stopped taking it, it returned. Since then, I have continued to use the silica. I recommend this product and I am very thankful this product is available to me today.
Patricia T: CPT, Holistic Health Counselor & Practitioner
I have been using Silicium since February of 2007 and the benefits for me have been like the ´fountain of youth." Before Orgono I was having collagen and b***x injections every 3-5 months for my face. Ever since February I have not had one injection and my skin tone has improved immensely. The other benefit I notice is the joints in my knees, (...). I believe in this product and I recommend it to my clients.


Josephine G.:
I immediately felt more energy, (...). There was no doubt that it had been the silica that had helped, and I will not stop using it. (...) I move more freely, I am less stiff, I definitely have more energy, and just feel generally healthier.


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